Exciting things to come

Shoes- Target (similar), Skirt- H&M (similar), Shirt-F21, Sunglasses- Hot Topic

Soooo.......... Caleb and I decided to start looking for a place to rent!!!! We have been talking about it for awhile now and we figured now is as good as a time as ever. We both have good jobs, I will be graduating soon, and we have everything you need for a home stored away waiting to be used. 

We started looking a couple of weeks ago and the first place we looked at was this amazing studio apartment that had wood floors, brick walls, and an open floor plan. It was love at first sight! We filled out an application and waited anxiously to find out if we were going to get it or not. Unfortunately we didn't get it which was pretty upsetting. I got my hopes up and was already picturing our lives together in the cute apartment with so much character that fit our style perfectly. Although it was discouraging we soon after found an adorable house. It has wood floors, a cute little kitchen, a yard, and it is just a block away from my school. We quickly turned in an application for it and are waiting to schedule and appointment to see the place in person. We are trying to not get our hopes up again because we don't know what the outcome will be but is so hard to not think where I could put all of our furniture and decorations and how different but perfect our lives will be living together for the first time. It is a very exciting but nerve wracking experience! We are hoping to have a place within a couple of months but if it takes longer to get a great place then that is okay too. It is nice that there is no rush on moving in together so we don't have to live in a place we don't love. I would rather take longer and find a lovely home then move in together right away and have it be a dumpy place.

 We are keeping our fingers crossed on the house and can't wait to find out what will happen :) 

Wish us luck!!!!! 


A trip to the beautiful mountains

Last Sunday we decided to take a trip up to the mountains. We loaded up our car with food and Maggie and hit the road! We are lucky enough to live only about 30 minutes away from this town called Beulah which has beautiful hiking trails and campsites. As soon as we arrived we decided to set up for a picnic and found a perfect spot underneath all of these amazing pine trees towering over us. Caleb picked us up some Subway sandwiches, fruit, brownies, and chips (the healthiest foods of course haha) and it was the absolute best! Maggie started getting antsy because this was her first trip to the mountains so we didn't waste much time eating before we decided to go hiking. We hiked a little ways on this path called the Tower Trail before we decided to turn around because we were all getting tired. Afterwards we hit the road again and headed to this town called San Isabel that is about 15-20 minutes from Beulah. San Isabel has a beautiful lake so we figured it would be perfect to check that out before we drove back home. Unfortunately the lake was packed with people so we didn't stay long but on our way there we stopped for some pretty wildflowers on the side of the road which made my day :) It was such a great Sunday and I can't wait to go back! I took a tonnnnn of pictures so it might take some time looking through them but I hope you enjoy them all! 
^^^ Maggie loved looking at the pretty views^^^
^^^Our view while eating^^^
^^^Taking a rest while walking up the trail^^^
^^^My favorite guy!!!^^^
^^^ Poor Mag's was worn out after our hike^^^
^^^When I was younger my mom use to take my siblings and I to stay in this
 cabin in San Isabel for some weekends. We had such great memories there :)^^^
^^^ Isn't this view just amazing?!?!^^^
^^^ I love these two goofballs!^^^
^^^ Pretty wildflowers on the side of the road^^^
So long mountains! We will see you soon!!!


Thrift finds

Here are the lovely treasures we found when we went antique shopping

-African style basket
-wire record holder
-little clay pig (because I love pigs)
-Bob Dylan greatest hits record


Bits and pieces

1. This was the first time wearing shorts this summer and I realized I really need a tan.
2. We got these rubber ducks for my sisters shower and Maggie was in love with them!
3. I am loving stacked rings lately
4. Target date night (I love Caleb and his silly face).
5. She loves cuddling with her stuffed animal monkey!
6. Caleb said that the moon wasn't supposed to be that big and bright for another 60 years so I tried getting a picture of it. 
7. Maggie was standing on my rug where I was trying to take pictures of my thrift finds. Notice how sad she looks because I was trying to get her off of it :( haha!
8. Cruisin around in our car
9. I love these shoes that Caleb bought me for my birthday awhile back.
10. Sleepy girl
11. Pretty sunflowers in my backyard!