Sweet Pop's!!!

Hello everyone! Pop's and I just wanted to stop by with a quick outfit post :) Have a great day!!!
^^^ I love this girl^^^
^^^She is always biting mommy, silly girl!^^^
sweater- H&M, jeans- Hot Topic, boots- Jcpenney's (old), necklace- H&M (old)


Skincare routine with Nerium

I have always had issues with my skin and it has been hard for me at times to feel confident. I never feel comfortable without makeup on and I am always trying to hide all my blemishes with different foundations and powder. I have always wished that I could be without all of the face makeup and never have to worry about my acne scars or red face but, I have never found the right skincare routine that works for me! I'm so excited to say that is changing and I'm beginning to love my skin without all of the makeup. I have finally found something that has helped me! It has helped me with my acne scars, my red cheeks and my deep pores. I feel so much for comfortable in my skin since starting Nerium Skincare Age-Defying Day cream and Night cream. It has worked wonders on my skin and I have noticed such a big improvement! I have so many exciting things to say about Nerium in another blog post very soon. I will be sharing before (eeek!) and after photos of my skin and share lots of information about my new skincare routine soooo, stay tuned!


5 amazing years with my love

This year for our anniversary we decided to keep it pretty low key. We started our day on a walk with Poppy in the nature center. It was a perfect and calm winter day! After our walk we just went home and relaxed and for dinner we decided to pick up some Buffalo Wild Wings (because we are obsessed with their food). It was a great 5 year anniversary celebration! I sure am a lucky gal to be spending another amazing year with my love!!! 
^^^ Poppy's paw prints^^^
^^^Handsome fella^^^
^^^Catching snowballs^^^


5 year anniversary pictures

As some of you may know Caleb and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary in November! Every year I love taking pictures of the two of us so we can cherish them for years to come and plus it is fun to see how much we have changed each year. This year we were able to have the lovely Justine from Justine Lenee Photography take our pictures. She did a wonderful job and I loved all of the pretty fall trees in the pictures. We are so lucky to have these beautiful pictures and we will treasure them forever!

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