Top-American Eagle (old), Jeans-Old Navy, Shoes-Old Navy, Sunglasses-Target

So Caleb and I have a confession to make... 

We are obsessed with the Game Show Network Channel! We love it all from Family Feud, Baggage, The Newlywed game, and 1 vs. 100. Our personal favorite though is Family Feud! We are constantly watching it and having fun guessing the answers (which I must say we are pretty good at getting them right haha). We also really love Baggage! It is hilarious watching the strange people that go on that show, we can't help but get a kick out of it. It is so fun and we just can't get enough of them all. So there you have it, you now know our guilty pleasure :) 


10 things I love about spring

Spring is here and I couldn't be happier! Although it is currently cold and gloomy out I'm looking forward to the weather starting to warm up.  I thought I would share 10 things I love about about Spring because it is the best!

1.Pretty flowers.
2.Rainy days.
3.Long walks.
4.Warm weather.
5. Bike rides with my love. 
6. Wearing sandals and dresses all the time. 
7. Celebrating my birthday in April :)
8. Going to yard sales.
9. More daylight.
10. Driving around with the windows down.

Happy Spring everyone :)


Simply the One

Outfit #1: Dress-Target, Sandals-Target, Necklace-Kohls
Outfit #2: Shirt-Old Navy, Jeans-Old Navy, Sandals-Target, Belt-Kohls, Sunglasses-Target

This post today is all about bras! Yup I said it we are going to talk about this amazing bra from Barely There that fits perfectly and works with any type of outfit. This amazing bra that I'm speaking of is called Simply the One

The great thing about Simply the One is that it has a comfortwire support (so you don't have to worry about obnoxious wires digging into your skin), convertible straps (so you can wear it with ANY outfit), and the perfect fit!!! It also comes in many different colors which is great so you can wear it with any color top without it showing through. I wear mine all the time with a basic tee, dresses, and flowy tops because it works great with every one of my styles. This is definitely my go to bra because I need something that fits my personal style and can work with me through all of my different looks. 

This post was sponsored by Barely There. Stay tuned to find out some of my other favorites. #BTBlogSquad


Anniversary Pictures/Treat by Shutterfly

As many of you know Caleb and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary together back in November. Every year I like to take pictures of us so we can always have something to cherish and look back on year after year. This year we took them a little late (whoops) but we finally got them done and I'm so happy to share some of them with you today.

I would also love to share with you some tips and tricks to taking couples pictures whether you have a professional photographer or just someone you know. And I'm happy to present a special way of sharing your love to your significant other, friend, family member, etc. through Treat by Shutterfly. So let's get started :)

Tips & Tricks:

-Pick out two different outfits to wear. I think it is best to have one casual outfit and one dressier outfit. 
- Keep things simple and natural! Don't go wild with makeup or hair just because you are taking pictures. It is best to do your hair and makeup like you normally would and if you feel comfortable you can add subtle changes such as red lipstick, or a different updo.
- Research different poses you would like to try. Long before Caleb and I took these pictures I searched all over Pinterest finding different couple poses I wanted to try. Once I narrowed down the poses I saved them into a folder on my phone so that we had easy access to them during our photo session. 
- Before taking pictures make sure and set the ISO, shutterspeed, and aperture. It is important to take a few test pictures with the lighting to make sure the pictures will come out perfect!
- Make sure and get tons and tons of pictures with the same pose! My sister took our pictures and I had her take at least 10-15 with each pose before we moved on. This will help you just in case someone blinked in one of the photos or if the lighting is wrong. 
-Take pictures in various different spots. Once again it is great to have many options! We took our pictures downtown and made sure to get different backgrounds such as a brick wall, old buildings, and doorways. 
-If you take pictures in the morning or afternoon try and find places with shade. The sun can be your worst enemy and ruin some great shots. 
-Have fun!!!! Some of my favorite pictures are the candid ones where Caleb and I are laughing or just having a great time. 

Another great tip for a way to share your pictures with the ones you love is by using Treat by Shutterfly. It is a great way to personalize a greeting card with pictures and personal notes! I was so excited to personalize my own and send them to Caleb through his email so that he had a sweet card waiting in his inbox. 

There are so many options to choose from! You start by picking your occasion such as birthday, anniversary, thank you, congrats, friendship, etc. Then you go through pages of the different styles of cards they have. Once you have those options picked out you begin personalizing the card! Below are some of the different cards I personalized and sent to Caleb :)

^^^ It allows you to personalize the front, inside, and back page!^^^

I absolutely loved making my own greeting cards and I can't wait to make more and send them to other people I love!

Thank you to the team at Treat by Shutterfly for this wonderful opportunity and collaboration. Make sure to check them out!